Thursday, February 18, 2010

Telecentre Management Course by IGNOU

“Telecentres are not sustainable; it is just waste of money”.

Let’s stop blaming telecentres, understand what went wrong and what went well. Let’s get things corrected. Now we should promote Telecentre Management as a profession not as just looking after some computers in a rural hut.

Starting a Telecentre Management Course is a really good and timely initiative by The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) together with other likeminded organizations.

Telecentre Management Course Contents;

CTCM-01: Fundamentals of Telecentres
CTCM-02: Understanding Community Needs
CTCM-03: Community Informatics
CTCM-04: Planning a Telecentre
CTCM-05: Telecentre Management Techniques
CTCM-06: Qualities of Telecentre Operators
CTCM-07: Basic IT Skills
CTCM-08: Content and Services in Telecentres
CTCM-09: Community Use of Telecentre
CTCM-10: Information Management at Telecentres
CTCM-11: Promoting Your Telecentre
CTCM-12: Assessing the Progress of Telecentres

It is good to hear that the course is going to be available in 10 international languages making it accessible to Telecentre Operators in other developing countries.



  1. Is there a link to course descriptions?

  2. Very well said.
    Napoleon C. Birch jr.

  3. @marco - will reply with the link

    @napoleon - thx


  4. @ Marco

    See following for more information on the telecentre management course;


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  6. This is excellent news, Sameera. The syllabus is very thorough and should give students a profound understanding of what is required to successfully manage telecentres at this point in time (context is always a sliding factor...).

    I thought to mention that the publication from about telecenter network management is available now as a wikibook, and perhaps would be a useful resource for the course. It´s focused not on individual telecenters, but on networks of them; at any rate, it´s useful for telecentre managers to reflect on their centres being part of larger, networked entities (and the benefits/contributions that entails).

    Thanks for sharing, and kind regards


  7. Forgot to tell the URL...

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  9. Thank you Manuel for sharing that Guide Book/ resource with us.