Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jaffna and Northern Province of Sri Lanka trying to Regain its Glory

Recently I visited Jaffna peninsula and other Northern parts of the island. On my way to Jaffna through A9 road, which is now opened for civilians, I could witness the massive destruction in Kilinochchi and other small towns due to the long civil war.

Anyway that horrible war is over now, people have new hopes about their future and sustainable socio-economic development in Northern Province.

There is a very high potential in those areas. We will see so many investments flowing in to those areas soon. Conducive environment is being created in Jaffna and other areas. The literacy rate in the Northern Province is 92.5 present and finding human resources would not be a tough challenge for any investor.

Other infrastructure requirements such as road access, electricity, water supply, communication facilities are being developed. The tallest multi purpose telecommunication tower (172 m) in Sri Lanka is being built in Kokavil near Kilinochchi town.

The mobile phone subscribers’ growth from 11 million to 13 million during the last six months of year 2009 was mainly due to the new subscribers from post conflicted Northern and the Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.

Hope new development initiatives in Northern Province will keep our innocent tamil children in schools instead of bunkers in the future.



  1. To regain the past glory, it is the conducive atmosphere which welcomes and encourages the potential investors, marketeers and the planners to rebuild the economy and socio-political threads.

  2. Thanks to prolonged insurgency, the economy and other areas have been in tatters. It is heartening to see the region muster the strength and stand up on to the road of development and progress.

  3. Let not the past hound them. We all should stand by them in their effort to regain their past glory. We should see to it that the region catches the rhythm of progress.