Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Facebook opens an office in Colombo, Sri Lanka?

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What you see on the picture is a tiny shop in capital of Sri Lanka. The shop owner has named his shop as “Facebook”. What made him to do that?

Sri Lanka is a country with an area of 65,610 km2 and population of 21,283,913 (by 2011). As per International Telecommunication Union (ITU) reports, there were 1,776,200 Internet users as of Jun 2010, a penetration of 8.3%.

Usage of Facebook in Sri Lanka

Currently (April 2011) there are 894,240 Facebook users in Sri Lanka, that means;

- 4.2 % of the Sri Lankan population is on Facebook

- 50.3% of the Sri Lankan internet users are on Facebook

Though the impact is debatable, Facebook has become a term which is good enough to name an IT shop on the corner of the street.