Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Can Telecenters become Disaster Early Warning Centers?

Yes, it can be. Telecentre is a place rich with ICT

No, it is too much to expect from a Telecentre.

Most of the telecentres are located in rural areas; most of those areas are prone to disasters, natural or man-made. Telecentres located in those areas but still with ICT facilities telephone, internet, fax, etc. can receive a message from a central disaster early warning centre.

So if we have a simple mechanism to disseminate that information, may be using megaphones we can convert a Telecentre to Early Warning Centre in the village. Even after the disaster occurred, that Telecentre can continue a play a role of coordinating the relief work, impact assessment, finding missing people (http://www.sahana.lk/), etc.

How many of you have tried this? What went well? What went wrong?



  1. The idea sounds good, But

    remember Early Warning is not something any laymen can do. Those people should be pre trained. Also who will provide the equipments such as megaphones?

  2. Sameera I think as an idea it is good , but we have to think how practical it is .

    There should be officers dedicated for such task , equipment … etc

    But it is not impossible …What about the police station..They are supposed to be in duty 24 hours.

    Anyway we have a short term training programme on “Community Based Disaster Prevention” in Japan.

    What could be the eligible organizations to forward this application.

    (Gvt institutions)

    Best Regards


  3. .
    Yes, agree with you. We need capacity building to implement.

    Police is already doing that, they have their own mechanism. Through DEWN we have link with that as well.

    answering your question-
    Best institution is Disaster Management Centre (DMC) of Sri Lanka, that is my second house :)