Thursday, August 16, 2007

With or Without Wires

Moving from wired technologies to wireless is happening all around the world. Wired and wireless technologies have their own pros can cones. Why people are moving towards wireless, what are the benifit of wireless technologies to third world countries or so called developing countries like Sri Lanka.

The recent examples are introducation of CDMA phones, WiMAX, etc. in Sri Lanka. People realised the difference. Those are less costly, why? The maintenance of a wireless network is comparatively less costly for the ISPs, so that benifit come to end user, they can pay less. But quality? the quality of a wireless connection may not match the quality of a wired connection all the time., but we pay less, so get less. In the future hope wireless may match the wired.
So let's use appropriate technology.


  1. Information SeekeRAugust 18, 2007 at 8:38 AM

    Yes,VPN too give us more benifits to make all too close. Do every thing effectively & efficiently which is still far away from most srilankans. Even it's not match with wired tech.. in some matter, in near future all may benifit poor srilankans.
    Thanks for expressing ur ideas in this manner.

    Add more values to ur blog. Some times it benifit others lot even u dont know that. Going on..... Goodluck....

  2. Future of networking predicts disappearance of wires from networks...because pulling wires is problematic at the rate networks are coming up.
    However, quality is also needed, so when will wireless quality match that of wired?

    Whatever technology is used, the ultimate benefit should come to the consumer if technologist wants to tap 4 billion people who live under US$ 2 per day.

  3. Hi Senaka

    Yes quality matters.

    As u argue if we want to give the benifits of ICT to that segment who earns less than $2 per day, then wireless will be better than wired.


  4. Wonder who Bawa is....

    Anyway WiMAX is available in Sri Lanka from 2007.


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