Tuesday, March 13, 2007

ICT4D in Sri Lanka

Hi friends

Let's make this, another platform to discuss how we can best use the Information and Communication Technology for the Development of Sri Lanka. Specially, how we can use ICT as a catalyst in the process of development.

May be we can discuss the pros and cons of existing ICT initiatives, Technologies, Tools in Sri Lanka or even new ways of using it.



  1. Hi Sameera . . .
    Good Work . . . What happened to your original Bolg on ICT4D . . . I have posted comments on that.

  2. Dear Viraj

    Sorry, that site is no more working, But you and your ideas are working. So let's start the debate right here.


  3. Life after Connectivity in Sri Lanka’s First e-Village

    There is an articale about Mahavilachchiya in the ICTA web site.


  4. ICT4D in Sri Lanka an Interesting Topic. Well its high time that we used Technology for the development process of the Country. Information Communication Technology otherwise know as ICT is a very useful tool that can be used to enhance the EFFICEINCY and EFFECTIVENESS .

    A question that is asked by many people is Sri Lanka is "do we have enough infrastructure" . Experts say that we have to provide more IT facilities and expand the ICT facilities to rural areas.

    From my point of view expanding the ICT infrastructure to rural areas and providing the latest technologies is only one part of ICT4D. I consider it a minor part. Been in the IT field and having gone to some Government Sector and Private Sector Organisations I think that we are not utilizing the available technology at present to its maximum potential.

    The other big draw beack that we face is the mentality of Sri Lankans towards IT development. Though the Goverment stress about ICT for the development process the expenditure on IT for govenment institutes is a waste of resources. Many people might differ on that thought.

    Hope to comment more on the Topic ICT4D later . . . but hope this can be a good start for a debate.


  5. Dear Viraj

    "Though the Goverment stress about ICT for the development process the expenditure on IT for govenment institutes is a waste of resources. "

    I am sorry, I can not agree with your idea. They invest on ICT with the expectation of a good return.


  6. A Goverment ServantMarch 20, 2007 at 6:34 AM


    Whatever it is, we are who we are.
    So do not wate money.

  7. Great....
    new vision in youth mind..
    Let's do our best to the country & get the maximum adventage of the humanlife. Feel what the real life is.. Goahead.......

  8. Hi friends,
    Just a minute,
    talk to ur heart-
    ask why do we live?
    why am i here today?
    whether it's just to enjoy?
    no,no.that's not the answer,
    U are so far from the reality
    think,think again & again
    what's up to u as a citizen?
    the life u got is to make all others happy, not just live & die....
    my dear friends,
    sometimes ur huge laugh may cover these words. but one day u will realise what this is,
    some times u may be too late then.
    When u all have the real feeling
    it will be a beautiful srilanka with ICT4D. Wish 2 have ur great help to change srilankan poor hearts................

  9. Dear Government Servent

    You may be really a Goverment Servent, or this may be the perception you have about goverment servents in your mind.

    I think the time has come to change ourselves and think differently.

    Application of ICT in Education sector, Health Sector, Public Administration (ex: eDS), communication etc. good examples of what's happening in order to increase the EFFICEINCY and EFFECTIVENESS (what Viraj raised earlier) even in the public sector.


  10. World Ahead ProgrammeMarch 23, 2007 at 6:06 AM

    Intel World Ahead Programme in Sri-Lanka

    Intel Corporation, World's largest blue-chip company has launched its "World Ahead Programme" in Sri Lanka. They are investing around one billion for this project.

    The project is content wide project, which includes an e-School initiative to target all schools across Sri-Lanka. The main goal of the project is to equip students with the IT skills and knowledge to in a global information society.

    The Intel World Ahead Program integrates and extends Intel's efforts to advance progress in three areas:
    1. accessibility,
    2. connectivity,
    3. education.

    The company has also partnered with public and private organisations to deploy WiMAX broadband in rural communities and suburban areas. Under the project Dialog GSM will provides telephone connectivity through Wimax.

  11. Better tomorrow..C.March 25, 2007 at 9:51 AM

    When most of the srilankans don’t feel that they have a responsibility on development of the country, glad to tell & hear there are at least few people who wish to see a “Developed country in near future”.
    They are very silence. But doing a great job in order to make srilanka out of the list of third world countries.

    Actually now srilankan government seems to be on the correct way as it’s with the guidance of a good leader who is spiritually strong enough to do a thing straightforwardly.

    First of all there should be an effort to make all srilankan awake to develop srilanka through ICT. Effort is in progress…Stress about ICT is a must to have the efficiency & effectiveness.

    Even though majority from government sector are not good in IT knowledge, obviously expenditure on IT for government institute is not waste of money. It’s the first place should replace manual systems, to minimize unnecessary (time/ money/ Stationary/ other resources) wasting & evaluate the work periodically. It may give good return from government sector. Mean strong backbone cause to a developed country.
    Waiting for Role modules with a proper plan. Who will be responsible as soon as possible??

    Thanks. Wish u all a better tomorrow……

    Dedication – Those who are prepared to die for any cause are seldom defeated.

    Frankness- frankness hurt often enough,but it’s almost always desirable specially between those who have to work together.

    Greatness- Greatness come from vision, the tolerance of the spirit, compassion & an even temper which is not ruffled by ill fortune or good fortune.

  12. Yes, Better Tomorrow

    We have to understant the role we can play for development. How ordinary people see development is "developing road, bridges, etc.".

    Let's play our role as the way we can, no matter how tiny it is.

  13. Prabhavi Community Radio,

    'Prabhavi Community Radio' is one of the first Internet community radios in Sri-Lanka.
    Kotmale radio may be the first, pls correct me if wrong :)

    You can listen to it at http://radio.prabhavi.org (hosted in USA). The aim of the Prabhavi is to expand Sri-Lankan culture and values all over the world.

  14. Mobile Phones
    New tool to combat with HIV/AIDs

    A new initiative has been started in African continent using mobile phones to fight with the HIV/AIDS. The name of the programme is "Phone for Health".

    The $10 Million 'Phone for Health' project aims to use mobile phone to provide health systems in ten African countries.

    Thushara, I know you too going to do a similer project in Sri Lanka.

  15. Hi Sameera

    Yes Mobile can use in awareness for HIV AIDS and OWSA has a pilot in this concepts. We hope to use it for Education and many other awareness programs with SL Partners.
    I will keep updating

    OneWorld South Asia

  16. Actually it's a very good news.
    " Phone for health ".
    Seems to be a New page in future.
    interest to hear more.
    Please more details.

  17. "Phone for Health"

    How can we use phone to stop spreading HIV men?

    Only thing I can think of is the phone cover :)

    This is a BULLSHIT.

  18. Dear phoneman

    Nothing to surprise!

    When we say ICT4Agriculture; some people ask whether the computer can do paddy cultivation.


  19. Positive thinkingMarch 31, 2007 at 4:00 AM

    Yes sameera.

    Majority are negative minded.
    That's why we are still a third world country.
    Hope ur blog site will enhance positive thinking day by day......
    Best wishes.

  20. “They are struggling to live more day/ hour/ minute”

    They need ur hand to live more minutes. As I visited Maharagama cancer hospital I saw it. That’s why these few lines coming to you.

    As they are with suppressed immunity & depressed psychological status they need isolated rooms at least to have quality palliative treatments. But they just have few gathered beds in wards. They are too much innocent in their world. Didn’t see even a smile in their faces. How can we help them?

    This is just to invite u to help those innocent lives if you are from a possible party.

    “ Hope” cancer hospital is there to help in rich. But who is going to help this poverty?
    Visit & give them psychological support in your special occasions to feel I sacrificed few hours in others progress.

    “ We need healthy people in srilanka to develop the country”

  21. Apology.

    "Hope" is also there to help in poverty.
    Another good job done. Let's help more......

  22. Dear Oncology

    Development is a vast area, which goes hand-in-hand with education, health, livelihood, peace, etc.

    The usage os ICT in these sectors is the ICT4D. Whatever it is we should have good work force.

    That is whay ICT4Health is important.


  23. Affordable Technology

    A telephone call from India to Sri Lanka will cost around Indian rupees fifteen to twenty for a conversation over 10 minutes. It is unbelievably cheap compared to Sri Lanka. The cost of a person to person call from Sri Lanka to
    India is rupees two hundred and fifty for the first three minutes and each additional minute Rs. 50/=.

    A change is badly needed.

  24. It's For you; who dedicated in ICT4D,to have a happy wesak day.....

    Our Teacher, the Buddha has taught that birth as a human being is, indeed, a very rare achievement. Fortunately, we have now obtained that rare achievement. Yet, we have to remember that man's greatness does not lie either in his nationality, caste clan or any such feature. His greatness depends solely on his conduct. Man's experiencing of happiness and suffering, too, is related to his three modes of action namely, mental, verbal and physical action.
    The Buddha devoted all his life to save man from dukkha - suffering. We are followers of the Buddha and our fervent hope is to see a world full of people who are freed from dukkha.
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    (Message by Venerable Kiribathgoda Gnananada Himi)
    From :www.mahamevna.org

  25. Hi Friends

    Please subject related comments only.


  26. Hi Sameera

    Just wanted to say keep up the good work.


  27. Yes Abu

    Till the county get completely developed...


  28. SRI lanka in near future..June 18, 2007 at 6:50 AM

    Come up as prof. SAM. to develop our country in future.
    Ur excellent volunteer projects give hands in poverty. It's great.

    I take this oppertunity to thanks & encourage u in more such continue processes.
    "light to the darkness"

  29. Hi, sri Lanka in near future

    Thank you, It is the responsiblity of all of us, to take the industry there.


  30. Light to the darkness........ Where r u??
    Need ur kind attension.

    Some people r so silent but do lot to others. When the world realize how much they worth?? & light the world?